Free eBooks

Millions of books that are out-of-copyright (pre 1923) are available for for free online. Check out these different ways to access these books online for free, with no waiting lists or due dates!

OMNI Library's Always Available eBooks

Choose from over 34,000 titles. for use with Adobe Digital Editions compatible devices (does not include the Kindle). +More Info

The Kindle Store's
Popular Classics

Browse for thousands of popular classics. For use with the Amazon Kindle.

The Internet Archive

Access over 2.5 million historical collections.

Open Library

A collection of over 1 million ebook titles.

Project Gutenberg

A collection of over 30,000 ebooks that have been previously published by bona fide publishers.


OverDrive & 3M

The library belongs to two consortia of Illinois libraries that provide you with downloadable content. OverDrive is offered through PinDigital, in addition to the 3M Cloud Library. The titles available are different with each service.

OverDrive offers downloadable ebooks and audiobooks for use on your Kindle, iPod/MP3 Player, iPad, Nook, and more. This service has more overall titles, but is also used by more of our patrons, affecting availability of those titles. It is compatible with the most number of devices.

3M offers downloadable ebooks for use on your iPad, Nook, and more. Currently, this service does not offer audiobooks and is not compatible with the Kindle. It is newer, and does not yet have as large of a collection, but it is more user friendly, with a streamlined downloading experience.

  • 3M compatible devices

If you are having difficulty with our downloadable service, please see our Instructions, check the FAQs, or visit the OverDrive Help Page for more information.


What's my pin?

In most cases, your pin is the last 4 digits of your library card number. If you have changed your pin and forget it, or your pin is not working, contact the library and we can reset it for you.

Can I download content directly on my device, rather than through a personal computer?

Right now, you can only download content directly to an iPad, iPhone, or Android device (such as the Kindle Fire). While other devices, such as the Kindle Touch or Nook Simple Touch, have access to wireless, OverDrive requires you to download an app, which is only available with the iPad/iPhone and Android operating systems.

I have a card from a neighboring library. Can I use Shorewood's downloadable service?

In most cases, you can not. Unless your library is a member of the OMNI consortium, you will need to access downloadable content from your home library's website.

Why do I need to sign in first?

Most titles that are purchased are shared equally with all members of our OMNI consortium, but some titles are reserved for Shorewood-Troy Library patrons only. Signing in first will display those special reserved titles in addition to the titles available to everyone. 

I am having trouble with my account. What should I do?

If you are having problems logging in or checking out materials, please see the Help page from the OMNI Libraries website, or consult your download instructions first. Most times, you will find your answers there. If you are still having problems, feel free to contact the reference desk at, or by calling 815-725-1715.

I am having trouble with my ereader or MP3 player. What should I do?

Unfortunately, every ereader and MP3 player is different. If you are having problems with your device, you should contact the manufacturer or store where you bought the device.

Why isn't the ebook I want available from the library?

We very much want to offer popular titles from James Patterson, Nicholas Sparks, Jodi Picoult, Suzanne Collins, Nora Roberts, and others. However, the publisher's policies are preventing us from doing so. Unlike a regular person, a library can not pay Amazon or Barnes & Noble for an eBook and then lend it out.  Libraries can buy a printed book from these publishing companies, but digital content is being treated differently. Libraries can only lease digital content often times at exorbitant prices and with numerous restrictions in place.

If you are interested in a particular title or genre, you can always contact the reference desk with your suggestions for consideration. And remember, our digital collection is relatively new and still growing.